2009 Ladies European Tour “Caddy of the Year”:

“Caddy Talk offers a unique opportunity to tap into the knowledge, experience and tricks of some of the most experienced – and best – caddies in the world. I found it invaluable when I started out caddying in 2007, and I’m sure you will too!”

– Sean Russell, November 2009

Feedback from a Mother and Caddy:

“Since Caddying for my 7 year old son, Jack Green for the third year in a row, in America for the US Kids Masters, I have made it my personal mission to become a better caddie for his sake and for my sanity. From my personal experience while caddying for Jack, I know it can be frustrating, challenging but also incredibly rewarding and exciting. As Steve Williams has said to me, being a caddie is being an on course psychologist. Through my endless search to become a better caddy, I have found a fantastic book that I think every parent that caddies for their son or daughter should and needs to read. I organise and run a Junior Golf Tour called The Fairway Flyers and every second week I see the parents caddying for their children at our tournaments. I see that they feel the same frustrations as I do especially when we know what our children are capable of doing! I have read some of this life saving book to Jack and he is also able to relate and benefit from it so that we can go out on course and work as a team together. I strongly believe that if our children are enjoying their game of golf, they will not only keep playing, but they will get better at it! They will only enjoy the game if we as parents/caddies can enjoy it with them and learn how to inspire and communicate with them while they are on the course. The most significant thing I have learnt from the book is that, regardless of whether I think Jack is right or wrong with something he may be doing on the course, if I have not been able to change his mind (whether it be about a club selection or the direction he wants to hit the ball), then I must then have the amazing talent of being able to convince him that I think he is also doing the right thing (even though I think it is going to end up in the most disastrous way!!). This book has taught me not only the importance of being able to do this, but also being able to execute it while still remaining calm and collected. As a parent involved in your child’s golf, if you read this book, you will be a better person for it, your child will be a better golfer for it and your relationship with your child will stay intact! The book is called “Caddy-Talk, Psychology of Being a Great Golf Caddy” . It is an extremely easy book to read and already mine is full of highlighted paragraphs that I can totally relate to and will need to go back, re-read and remind myself of often. My son, Jack, wants to become the No.1 golfer in the world. If he reaches his goal, the authors of this book, Vicki and Dan would have played a very important part in getting him (and me) to reach his dream”.

– Pamela Leong from NZ, May 2009

BASES (British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences) Magazine “The Sport and Exercise Scientist” Issue 14 December 2007 p.28:

“This is an original book covering a hitherto unexplored area. Psychology has a reputation for jargon, yet this book conveys the information in a clear ad readable manner, complemented by caddies comments, anecdotes and experiences; this includes substantial input and insight from Steve Williams – the man carrying the bag of the No1 player in the world, Tiger Woods. This is first-class attempt at addressing the job of a caddy in golf and I would thoroughly recommend it to all golfers, as there are lessons for everybody. Caddies have one of the toughest jobs in golf trying to satisfy an often moody, tense and agitated boss, who is looking to blame anybody accept himself. Caddy-Talk looks and succeeds at tackling this difficult job. Recreational and professional golfers can learn many important lessons from this book.

9/10 – Reviewed by Alan Feltham Director of Sporting Performance Ltd – serving professional golfers for 12 years